Mirror Glaze BlueBerry Cake Baking & Decoration CLASS

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Mirror Glaze BlueBerry Cake Baking & Decoration

Mirror glaze cakes are all the trend right now and Ms Shiny has kindly shared her Mirror Glaze recipe, and a handful of top tips so you can have a go at home! Follow Shiny’s easy recipe and to find out how to make a mirror glaze – you’ll have a showstopping bake in no time! With this mirror glaze recipe, you can use any colour you fancy, be as creative as you want and try different designs.

Venue: 14 Jalan Soo Bee Singapore 488114 (SIMEI GARDENS)

(Direction: Details of travel route & transport will be adviced once your booking is confirmed)

Date: 21st Apr 18, 2pm-6.30pm

Duration : 4.5 Hours

Pre-requisite: None

Fee: S$160(Member Only) per person; $10 discount for buddy.

Fee: S$180(Non Member) per person; $10 discount for buddy.

*Member Rate Only applies to our Member by Email or Private invitation.*

The Class Course Fee includes printed recipes, ingredients to be used and required packaging.

Teaching method: 100% hands-on, every individual student will learn how to bake and decorate from scratch.

Class Setup: Home Based Concept

Note: Above Pictures presented are for Illustration purposes, there may be changes to the design decorations subject to seasonal and market availability.


What will you be learning?

~ Learn how to prepare all respective ingredients, blend and mix them to ready.

~ Learn how to procedurally combining respective ingredients and bake the cake to perfection.

~ Learn how to prepare and make your cake until firm, light and fluffy.

~ Learn how to prepare and make Mirror Glaze from scratch with step by step guidance.

~ Learn how to prepare and decorate the cake with your created Mirror Glaze.

~ Learn how to set and smooth your cake with the Mirror Glaze to perfection where temperature and consistency are the very key.

What you will be taking home?

~ A printed copy of the recipe

~ The delicious masterpiece you have created

~ Awesome knowledge and experience you gained

~ BCCA Singapore Certificate of Completion of 2017 Trendy Mirror Cake Baking & Design Technique Baking Course

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