Lets bake something....

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I had the best time at your most recent Rainbow Floral Cake Class! I am not a baker but you have never known that after seeing the cake you taught me to make! It was so much fun and not to mention educational. I will be taking more classes that's a guarantee!

Shasha B. Dorithy (Rainbow Cake Baking Class)

I was a little nervous bringing my 12 year old to a class but the atmosphere in your classes is just so magnificent. The teaching by Ms Shiny is so enjoyable and great with kids! My daughter actually caught on quicker than me and then her cupcakes came out nicer too!

Julie Ang & Anna Thi (Red Velvet Cupcakes Class)

The Strawberry Ombre cake is to die for! The guests at my daughters first birthday didn't believe I made it myself! I want to take the time to thank you for the help and leadership with this class! I've already signed up for 2 other classes. I have a feeling I'll be signing up for many many more after that too!

Peh Si Ling (Ombre Cake Baking Class)

Teaching on decoration piping techniques!
Strawberry Ombre Cake Baking Class
Successful Completion of our Ombre Cake Baking Class
Congratulations! Well Done for 5 Hrs of your commitment!
Show on my Piping skills for my Chocolate Fudge Cake!
Chocolate Fudge Cake Baking Class
Final Completion of Chocolate Fudge Cake Baking Class
Whipping and Making of Home made Icing!
Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcakes Baking Class
Rainbow Floral Cake Baking Class!
Popular Yummy Soft Buns Baking Class
Isn't the Buns look Delicious! Yummy indeed!
Popular Yummy Soft Buns Class Members!
Janice! Well appreciated for your participation and your hearty commitment!
Elegant Cake Pops Baking Class
Heart Shape Designer Fondant Cake Baking Class
Wow! What a Great Pair, Mother and Daughter!
Mummy! I have did it, my final own created Fondant Cake!