Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcake & Piping Decoration CLASS

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Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcake & Piping Decoration

Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcakes are a delicacy that only the pros know how to master. While we do believe that just about any cupcake is good, only a few can be called "superior." Our cupcakes recipe are the cupcake that you'll crave and remember forever. And needless to say, Her Decoration is even more un-imaginable.

Venue: 14 Jalan Soo Bee Singapore 488114 (SIMEI GARDENS)

(Direction: Details of travel route & transport will be adviced once your booking is confirmed)

Date: 01st Jul 2017 Sat,8.30am-1.00pm

Duration : 4.5 Hours

Pre-requisite: None

Fee: S$95(Member Only) per person;

Fee: S$105(Non Member) per person; $10 discount for buddy.

*Member Rate Only applies to our Member by Email or Private invitation.*

The Class Course Fee includes printed recipes, ingredients to be used and required packaging.

Teaching method: Demonstration and hands-on; you will learn how to mix, bake, set and decorate your own Red Velvet Cupcakes individually. On top of that, we will train you on how to set and pipe icing, frosting of swirling designs presenting on the cupcakes.

Class Setup: Home Based Concept

Note: Above Pictures presented are for Illustration purposes, there may be changes to the design decorations subject to seasonal and market availability.


What will you be learning?

~ Learn how to bake Vanilla/Butter Cupcakes.

~ Learn how to prepare and create Butter Cream, frosting for Cupcakes.

~ Learn how to perform different frosting techniques and to decorate Red Velvet Cupcake icing designs.

~ Learn how to design and make different various Decorations on the cupcakes.

What you will be taking home?

~ A printed copy of the recipe

~ The delicious masterpiece you have created

~ Awesome knowledge and experience you gained

~ BCCA Singapore Certificate of Completion of Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcake Baking Course

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